Friday, April 8, 2016


1.- Video clip của Truyền Hình Việt Nam – HTĐ:
Đây là phóng sự của lễ khai mạc Hội Hoa Anh Đào 2016 tại Warner Theatre, hôm 26/3/2016 lúc 6:00 chiều.
Video clip do Anh Nguyễn Phúc và Chị Bạch Mai thực hiện…

2.- Hai video clips của SBTN – HTĐ : Hội Hoa Anh Đào 2016.
Video clips do Anh Đậu Thanh Vân và Cô Lê Bích Phượng thực hiện…
A.- Phóng sự Hội Hoa Anh Đào Thủ Đô Hoa Thịnh Đốn 2016 
B - Mùa Hoa Anh Đào Tại Thủ Đô Hoa Thịnh Đốn 2016

3.- Tiger Shark Ballet with Vincent Canabal
from George Willis 

Stunning performance of shark wrangler and feeder Vincent Canabal of Epic Diving, Tiger Beach, Bahamas
Music: Epica written by Paul Dinletir and licensed to by Audiomachine
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17 Magical Pics Of Japan’s Cherry Blossom By National Geographic
Few places in the world do spring like Japan does spring. The vibrant and delicate cherry blossom is, after all, one of earth’s most majestic natural wonders, and there’s nothing quite like strolling beneath those ephemeral petals and marveling at how amazing mother nature can be.
To celebrate the arrival of Japan’s most magical season, National Geographic invited community members to send in their best photographs of the country’s famous cherry blossom. Take a look at the pictures below to see for yourself the stunning submissions they received.
the Japanese take their cherry blossom very seriously. The Meteorological Agency even provides a dedicated forecast for cherry blossom season. The blossom moves north in what’s known as a “sakura zensen”, and people keenly track the progress of this cherry blossom front as it makes its way up-country.
More info: National Geographic

Sakura River

Image credits: Danilo Dungo
White Wall

Image credits:  Masayuki Yamashita
Land of mist

Image credits: Yoshiki Fujiwara
Evening cherry blossoms

Image credits: Aurora Simionescu
Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Image credits: Ryan WH
Pink sakura and pink line

Image credits: Masayuki Yamashita
Sakura Reverie

Image credits: S. Ohtani
A train passing by in spring

Image credits:  Janvika Shah
Cherry Blossom

Image credits:  Jessica W. / Carmen Măduța
The color of the cultivation in spring

Image credits: Hiroki Inoue
Old couple

Image credits: Joe Ishikawa
After fall of Sakura

Image credits: Danilo Dungo
Tunnel of cherry blossoms

Image credits: Jessie Meyer
Spring evening

Image credits: Sho Shibata
Sakura blizzard

Image credits: Joydeep Dasgupta


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